ROPOSO TV By The People : True Indian Social Democracy

ROPOSO – proudly made in India, invites you to be a star. The world is watching, come, express, and connect. Take the centre stage and spread the sunshine. Join a community of over 7 million Indians and express your every mood, get creative with fascinating desi GIF stickers, voice-over, and music for your videos and photos.

Learned Readers, I am sure you must be wondering what exactly ROPOSO is and what does it have to offer you. This fun-filled phenomenon is a unique, India-centric App with a seamless browsing experience, with an unmatched variety of desi + quality global content for all its users.

ROPOSO offers a zero button interface and all you need to do is – sit back and enjoy the content! It is super easy to follow the pages, content creators, and influencers who are your favourites. This top of the pops entertainment App offers 25 curated channels. Some of them are ~ Rangoli, Top Notch, Musafir, Hungry TV, and Haha TV.

While Captured offers a vast gallery of top quality images shot by Professional Photographers and enthusiasts like you, the Nation Speaks channel provides a platform to express your opinion on the various Social Issues of concern to India. Content sharing is real easy through the Camera App at the bottom of the screen.

The ROPOSO App is available in 8 Indian languages right now – Hindi, Punjabi, Marathi, Gujarati, Tamil, Telugu, Kannada, and Bangla. ROPOSO means business. Whether you are a Brand, Home Seller, Reseller, Wholeseller, Boutique Owner, Webstore, WhatsApp Seller, or a Facebook Seller – ROPOSO is the platform for you to increase your business.

I am sure you’d like to know more about the True Indian Social Democracy ~ ROPOSO TV By The People. Kindly visit the following links to get entertained like never before :

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