Mi VIP Club And Mi Crowdfunding Platform : 2 New Offerings From Xiaomi India

I visit it regularly and can say without doubt that the Mi Community is the most active and vibrant Online Smartphone and Electronics forum in the Indian web space. For sure this is an indication of how seriously Xiaomi cares about its users. There is always something new to discover on the Mi Online Community. Dear Readers, there have been a couple of recent developments there which I am sure you’d like to know more about.

Mi VIP Club

Mi VIP Club offers premium VIP privileges specially for you. Upgrade rewards, birthday gifts, annual souvenirs, members-only events, and so much more. Xiaomi India has taken brand loyalty to hitherto unknown heights. There is a four level classification under the VIP Club ~ Silver, Gold, Platinum, and Diamond. Each level provides you certain privileges.

There are seven ways to earn points on this community ~ purchase, daily check-ins, registering phone number, entering birthday, registering debit/credit card, purchasing accessories, and first pre-paid purchase. This exclusive Club belongs to all Mi fans. Please note, all Mi VIP Club members are also part of Reward Mi and will continue to get advantages of Reward Mi and referral. In order to join please visit Mi VIP Club.

Mi Crowdfunding Platform

Mi Crowdfunding is a platform driven by innovation, which helps bring your favourite products to life. Each project requires a certain number of supporters for it to be declared successful. Project is declared successful once the progress bar reaches 100% within the defined timeline. If the project is unsuccessful, you get your entire money back.

Past products on this platform include Mi Bluetooth Audio Receiver and right now I see Mi Selfie Stick Tripod listed with a 305% funded figure and 3009 supporters behind the idea. It is surely a welcome addition to the Indian virtual space. To know more kindly visit Mi Crowdfunding and to check out the products please take a look at Mi Crowdfunded Projects.