KaiOS Beats iOS Plus New Mobile Web Browsers For India

Android, without doubt, remains the number one Mobile operating system, worldwide and in India. However, in a surprise development KaiOS has recently overtaken Apple’s iOS to emerge as the number 2 Mobiles OS. While the share of different Android versions in the Indian market is 71.6% KaiOS now has a 15% market share and iOS is a distant number 3 with a figure of 9.6%.

Reliance Jio is India’s third largest telecom operator with a user base of over 160 million. It has shaken the Indian 4G scene with its disruptive pricing for voice and data plans. This share of 15% has been achieved via the introduction of low-priced Lyf/Jio 4G enabled feature phone which is powered by the KaiOS.

The Jio Phone is available for a refundable deposit of Rupees 1,500 and has some of the functionality of a Smartphone. Learned Readers, this finding was published in a recent study by Device Atlas. With lots of competition in the market it will be interesting to see how the battle for Mobile operating systems in India shapes up.

New Mobile Web Browsers

There have been a few new launches as far as Mobile browsers are concerned and I am sure you’d like to know more about them. So here they are :

1. Opera Touch Mobile Browser : It takes some ideas from the Opera Neon desktop browser and presents an interesting experience for Android users. An iOS version is expected to be released soon. The tab switcher and access to your bookmarks has been placed at the bottom of the page for your convenience. It also includes features such as ad blocker and cryptojacking protection. The new Opera browser has been designed for when you are on the move. Know more about it here and download Opera Touch on Google Play.

2. Amazon Internet Mobile Browser : This is a lightweight 2 MB offering which is suitable for Smartphones with low specs. Developed by Amazon Silk Team it has been designed for Internet users in emerging markets. It offers a small application size, reduced page load times, and increased bandwidth savings. It will be interesting to see how it fares against the established players in the market. Please check out Amazon Internet Browser.

3. BlueSky Venus Mobile Browser : It caters to the ever growing demand for hyper-local content in India. Venus Browser will offer you the latest local, national and international hard topics, infotainment and trending video content, including sports Apps, business news and much more. Currently, the Mobile browser is available for only Android users. Support for other platforms is expected to be provided soon. It also includes the most popular pre-installed Apps thereby taking care of download challenges and memory constraints which are faced by a large number of Mobile Internet users in India. Download Venus Browser.

In case you are someone like me who is interested in stats these are the top Mobile Browsers in India for the period April 2017 ~ April 2018 :

1. Chrome – 41.55%
2. UC Browser – 40.30%
3. Opera – 8.44%
4. Samsung Internet – 2.56%
5. Safari – 2.43%
6. KaiOS – 2.40%

Check out the statistics in detail on StatCounter GlobalStats.