BrainBaazi : Masti Aur Fun Saath Mein Income

Earning cash while participating in a live quiz? It is possible now with BrainBaazi ~ Jeeton Main, Jeetey India. Launched last month by Times Internet the gaming app has been climbing the popularity charts at an amazing pace.

The live quiz starts at 9 PM every day and you have to answer the 11 simple questions the live anchors ask. If you are able to answer all 11 questions correctly, you my friend are eligible to win the grand cash prize. The total prize money at stake currently is Rupees 50,000 and is supposed to be divided equally among the winners. In case there are 5 winners each one will receive Rupees 10,000. The good news is that according to official sources as the number of people using this app increases so will the prize money.

After a question has been asked you will be presented three options. The time you get to choose the correct answer is 10 seconds. The prize money is transferred instantly to the e-wallets of the respective winners. Right now BrainBaazi supports Paytm and MobiKwik.

As time progresses Times Internet plans to release the live quiz in other languages and make it available to the entire Millennial Smartphone Generation of the country. Youngsters have been requesting to host BrainBaazi more than once a day and the matter is under serious consideration.

Making money while having fun has never been easier. This gaming app is sure to be a big hit across the country. Learned Readers, kindly visit the following links in order to download the app on your Smartphone :

* BrainBaazi On Google Play

* BrainBaazi On App Store