Blowhorn Connecting Customers With Truck Owners For Intra-City Logistics

Realizing that there wasn’t an efficient market for fixed and spot deliveries within cities, Mithun Srivatsa and Nikhil Shivaprasad came up with Blowhorn – a different kind of a company which handles large logistics for traditional and new age businesses. Their aim is to build world’s best intra-city logistics company by solving the most pressing issues of their clients.

The team started in 2014 and even doubled up as labourers helping customers load and unload in the startup days. According to Mithun they got their first customers by spamming Facebook groups. At the moment Blowhorn has a presence in Bengaluru, Chennai, Hyderabad, Delhi-NCR, and Mumbai. Blowhorn’s customers range from individuals to corporates.

The aim is simple – create the finest logistics system mankind has seen by making the first mile, last mile, and hub deliveries efficient. Blowhorn has a transportation layer which is capable of handling fixed as well as spot requirements. Innovation is the core competency of Blowhorn and the logistics firm firmly believes that building for India is building for the world.

Learned Readers, in case you’d like to contact Blowhorn please send an email at ~ shoutout at blowhorn dot com or call 8880-900-300. You can also download the Blowhorn App on Google Play or App Store. Convenient, Quick, and Reliable. Book a truck on your Smartphone in a few seconds with Blowhorn. Rupees 300 for first 60 minutes, prorated after that.