Apple iOS 11.3 With New Features Begins Rollout

An important news story for all Apple iPhone users in India. A major update to iOS 11 has started rolling out. The iOS 11.3 features brand new Augmented Reality experiences, Animojis, Business Chat, Health Records, Data and Privacy, Batteries and Performance, and lots of other important updates.

Let’s begin with the Data and Privacy updates. I’m sure you’d be concerned about it in the light of the recent Facebook and Cambridge Analytica scam. Apple takes the Privacy of its customers seriously and has introduced features which make it easier for you to understand how your data may be used by Apple and 3rd Party Apps. A new privacy icon and your detailed privacy information will appear whenever you are asked for access to personal information in order to enable features, personalize an iOS experience, or secure Apple services. Apple believes privacy is the fundamental human right, so every Apple product is designed to minimize the collection and use of your data.

The iOS 11.3 includes new features which indicate the battery health of your iPhone and recommend whether the battery needs a servicing. These options can be found under Settings –> Battery and are available for the iPhone 6 and later. The Health Records feature is for American consumers and helps patients of more than 40 health systems.

Dragon, Lion, Bear, and Skull are the 4 all-new Animoji’s featured in this iOS update. You can even create Animoji karaoke videos using your own voice and more than 50 different facial muscle movements. ARKit helps make iOS the biggest global AR platform. This innovation has the ability to integrate real world images in to exhilarating AR experiences.

Learned Readers, in addition to iOS 11.3 Apple has also launched tvOS 11.3 and WatchOS 4.3 updates. For details on the latest iOS updates kindly visit Apple iOS 11 Support.